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Going back in time: Microsoft Windows Adverts

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to that window with 4 colors, ya see no matter how many blue screens i have encountered, my allegiance stayed with Bill Gates, and not the penguin or the apple. Why? i hear you ask, well most of the things i love have come from childhood, and stuck with me until now. We will have to go back in time and explore those glorious adverts Microsoft unleashed to the world:

First up is the windows 95 color logo ad, when i was a kid, this literally blew me away…

Next up is a windows 98 commercial with music that rocked! why didn’t they make an official microsoft album?

So there you have it, a true love for the Microsoft golden oldies, now all we need is for Microsoft to release its fast food chain or maybe team up with Mcdonalds?…. a Mcsoft cheesburger please :)

Piriform CCleaner Review

Piriform CCleaner

With the wide range of programs available to keep your computer running with as few issues as possible, it’s difficult to choose the best one; for many years, however, I’ve been making good use of a quick and simple piece of free software to do just that. CCleaner.

CCLeaner has been around for a while and has undergone many updates, while still staying true to its basic aim, to make relatively frequently accessed maintenance tasks much quicker and simpler to do.

On installation of the small program, you are presented with options to add the program interface to the Recycle Bin right-click menu, or to add the facility to run the program silently. It might seem strange to add it to the Recycle Bin, but perhaps not when it’s basically a program to clean up your computer, and it’s a very handy placement. You also have the usual options to create a Program Menu group, Desktop Icon, Quick Launch Icon etc. Continue reading →

Is Newer Software… better?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those older versions of software? Nope…neither did I, until  one day I updated my DVD software, installing an update 3 versions up, not sure why since the current version was working like a charm and did everything I wanted it to. So I continued to install the latest version and everything looked nice and sleek with a new interface, I had this nice feeling inside like wearing freshly washed clothes, it wasn’t until I started burning a DVD when everything went horribly wrong.  I won’t go into specifics, but iam guessing my old pc didn’t like the latest glossed up version. So I hit the uninstall button and went back to install the previous version. To my horror I no longer had it?! And neither did the publishers website! Continue reading →

A Virtual software Museum

In today’s museums we expect to see the skeletal structure of the tyrannosaurus, the painting of the Mona Lisa or the tomb of the Tutankhamun. But one may be startled to see the first copy of Microsoft windows version 1.01 inside a security cabinet sitting comfortably adjacent to the Millennium Sapphire! ….Or maybe not? Over the past 3 decades software has indeed changed human civilization forever.

Being one of the largest and most influential industries in the world today, I cannot think how we can overlook software as becoming part of our historical heritage. With software companies pumping out new versions of their software left, right and centre do we actually pause to think what happens to all those oldies? Yep..they get trashed and we never see them again… Continue reading →

Gtalk Video Guide