Evernote releases Skitch 2.0, but is it for the worst?

This has happened countless of times, a great software turns sour after an acquisition by a big company, who release a new glossy, commercialized version only to disgruntle its current user base….Skype anyone? Well history repeats itself, Skitch prior to version 2.0 was praised as being the best image annotation program on the Macintosh. After the release of Skitch 2.0 it was apparent that the user base were not happy with what Evernote had done…

It took Skitch years to get out of beta and become a truly functional and amazing app. It took the developers only a couple of months after being bought out by Evernote to kill their much beloved baby.

This version 2 of Skitch feels like version 0.1 beta of some first steps into programming and GUI design.

To get the point as to why there has been much negativity about version 2.0, Evernote have removed much of the features that existed in previous versions:

  • No FTP options
  • No menu bar functionality
  • Clunky interface
  • More resources used
  • Forced use of dock icon
  • No longer being able to sign into Skitch.com
  • Forced to go through the Evernote Service to share images

As i mentioned before in my Opera Article, why mess with something that’s performing so well? Ok maybe you can tweak up the software a little based on users feedback, but to go off on your own tangent and bring out something completely different, is what Evernote seemed to have done and of course they have ultimatley payed the price by NOT listening to their user base.

Well on the brighter side of things, Old versions of Skitch are available here and Skitch 1.0.12 is the last version before the release of 2.0.

It would be interesting to know why you like or dislike the new version of Skitch 2.0, leave your comments below, thanks!

Travis Dane is an internet entrepreneur with a love for web design, software and anything unusual and unique.

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