Is Newer Software… better?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those older versions of software? Nope…neither did I, until  one day I updated my DVD software, installing an update 3 versions up, not sure why since the current version was working like a charm and did everything I wanted it to. So I continued to install the latest version and everything looked nice and sleek with a new interface, I had this nice feeling inside like wearing freshly washed clothes, it wasn’t until I started burning a DVD when everything went horribly wrong.  I won’t go into specifics, but iam guessing my old pc didn’t like the latest glossed up version. So I hit the uninstall button and went back to install the previous version. To my horror I no longer had it?! And neither did the publishers website!

You see most software companies commonly ditch older versions once a new update has been released, making all previous versions obsolete and quite possibly lost forever. Alexander Levine founder of had realized this dilemma and in 2001 started the process of collecting and archiving older versions of software with the help of the online community who would contribute in submitting files through the website.

When a new version of software is released, it is commonly greeted with great enthusiasm, bringing promise of better functionality, removal of bugs and more features. But as we know this isn’t always the case with everyone having a different system setup, the newer version of software may no longer be compatible, or the tasty new features added might just be bloat ware that hinders the original use of the software completely.

Because newer is not always better,  a true saying not only in the case for software but with most things in life, a change can be good, but if it doesn’t work out, it would be nice to have the option to go back to the old ways ;-)

Travis Dane is an internet entrepreneur with a love for web design, software and anything unusual and unique.

4 Comments on "Is Newer Software… better?"

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Alexander Levine of,

    I am a big fan of oldversion since it was first published on the web. I totally agree with this post, and things mentioned above is the reason why I love you guys!

    Keep it simple, keep it good. Hopefully oldversion will stay add free and uncluttered like most old software instead of new versions with ad bars and stuff.


  2. Roxana says:

    For my part old version of much use to me

  3. Natuursteen says:

    I have a atag cooker and one day it failed.. I called a engineer and he came to update the firmware of my cooker. It work like a charm agian ;-) I was wondering why my cooker had no ip adres so I could remotely control it ;-) … Newer software helped for me!

  4. Embolism says:

    Some very valid points in regard OEM software and manufacturers discarding of older versions of such and the latter versions with extraneous advertising or adding within the program tool bars for browsers and other unwanted junk.
    In some cases manufacturers change their whole web page to illicit this and very few actually link to previous directory’s of what they regard as of outdated laptops and towers software drivers.
    This is why development sites like have project listings of drivers from day 1 of the project so that you can back peddle to the version you like best,but in saying such older is not always better or safer,all software from sourceforge is free of any spyware although the same can not be said with regard to Microsoft drivers and programs which is why the French Government and schools all switched to Linux some years ago as well as the many law suits Microsoft have incurred over the years for their incumbent spy-ware.
    It must be noted that although simplistic is best for the uninitiated in IT it is not always best depending on its purpose,I for one wouldn`t use an outdated firewall or Antivirus,I would definitely not disregard some of the seriously cool advancements in development by in some of the 100,000`s of projects many of which are listed on old version as redundant either and sourcforge covers not only windows,but mac and linux development software as well for all PC applications from communication ,browsers,games,office,video and music,all the way through to development tools,best of all its free.regards,Embolism (:^D)

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