Ahh – yes, iTunes.

I spent over ten hours yesterday cleaning up our Windows iTunes page. It was far too out of date and I apologize — we had some technical glitches supporting the larger file sizes which were just recently worked out. I probably spent half the time cursing Apple for releasing so many versions for me to keep track of. While doing research on specific versions, I noticed some interesting patterns; such as the usual scheduled release of a new iTunes (i.e. 9 to 10) version in the first few weeks of September.

Also, I saved some version numbers for your convenience: iTunes 9.1 was the first version to support iPad syncing, but you may want to take heed at its enormous near-100MB file-size. Version 10 became a bit leaner and dare-I say..better then its 9.0 counterpart with a 20MB cut in file size and no longer a bundling of QuickTime with the releases.

Another version to take note of was iTunes 8.2 as it was the last version to support syncing with Palm Pre devices. Apple decided to take “mimic” players seriously and disable Palm Pre syncing with any version afterward. Boo!

Anyway, what’s your favorite iTunes version?

P.S. Our Mac users: sorry! I will update the Mac section as soon as I find another 10 hours. Leave a comment or send me an email to get me to hurry up if you need a specific version now ;)

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  1. Tracy says:

    I’d love iTunes 10.5 or whichever version WASN’T the beta after 10.4 for Mac OS Intel, if you’ve got it available. My iPhone’s being a little bastard and won’t play nice anymore. :(

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