JDiskReport 1.3.2

JDiskReport 1.3.2

I don’t know about you, but I try to back My Documents up on a regular basis. The contents mainly consist of some video clips, music, pictures and documents of course, and a wide range of other things I save or come across while surfing the net. Usually I’ll check the My Documents directory size, to get an idea how big it’s getting, and burn some files to a DVD for storage in case something untoward happens to my computer, or to recoup some disk space.

But, to get a much clearer picture of exactly what kind of files I’ve collected, where I’ve put them in my usual haste, and exactly how much disk space they’re occupying, I use JDiskReport, a small program of about 600kb, which will scan a drive or a directory on your computer and produce a detailed report on the folders and files it finds.

When started, the clean program window simply asks which drive or directory you want to scan or whether you would like to reopen a previously saved scan. It also list previous scans for quicker access. Even scanning a heavily filled drive happens quite quickly and results are displayed immediately.

As you can see from the picture, I’ve got quite a bit of space tied up in videos and music, and my downloads directory has swollen to a couple of DVDs worth. Cycling through the tabs at the top of the display window, I can see which files are the largest, the distribution of files of varying sizes, files sorted by date modified or distribution according to file type and views can also be changed between space occupied and file count on the view menu or toolbar. Charts can also be changed from pie charts to bar charts by clicking the chart type icons at the bottom.

Startup tips can be turned on or off within Options, where the default chart display options are editable, to show more or less types of files etc. There is also an option to exclude particular directories from the scan if you don’t want the contents of those directories to be displayed and, if you like to customise the look of the program, there are a selection of skins included.

If you’re wondering what files are taking up all that missing disk space and where they’re all hiding, JDiskReport is an invaluable, free tool to add to your collection.


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