While Microsoft Ends Support For Old Versions of IE, We Tell You Why To Still Use Them

While on Tuesday, Microsoft reported that they will be ending support for old versions of Internet Explorers this coming Saturday, the technology news cycle lit up with headlines such as: “Web Developers Rejoice!” “Finally!” celebrating that Microsoft will begin to nag all users to update their browser and end support for IE. I shed a virtual tear. For all you people still running Internet Explorer 4, I support you and stand behind you.

I installed it the other week. Some people say I have a problem. Maybe I can’t let go. Move on. Bigger and better. I have some news for you: this site still supports Internet Explorer 4.0. What? That’s right. You can download old versions using IE4 and hopefully even older. If you want to try it out, download IE4 from our page and have a ball. Then, you can navigate back to the same page using IE4 and download it again. How meta is that?

10 Hilarious Reasons To Still Use IE4:

1) You can get a ton more work done if you use IE4. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…all those sites will not load. You cannot be distracted by the Internet so you will finally write that book or start the business you’ve always wanted to start.

2) Being a hipster is in. Being retro is part of being a hipster. You can be the ultimate hipster by using IE4.

3) You want to stick it to the man. Microsoft doesn’t support older versions of IE? You’ll show them. By using it. Yeah.

4) Your major was cultural anthropology, now you are writing a PH.D in some obscure field that no one else will ever invest 1000 hours of their life in. Having trouble coming up with an idea? IE 4. Research the type of people who still use it ;) . Start with yourself!

5) You want to relive Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom just like you experienced back in 2000. The origin of the Internet memes. Oops, that’s a Youtube link. Gotta find that old SWF file.

6) You have a problem with your kids viewing adult content at home. Just use IE4 and they won’t be able to view it anymore.

7) Your crazy ex is trying to contact you via a web messaging app. Sorry, there’s no “web apps” for you anymore and you finally have a good excuse.

8) Wikipedia wants you to donate $3 to their campaign? Sorry Wikipedia, you should have made your form compatible with IE4.

9) You’re a millionaire, but you pride yourself on being frugal. Don’t fix what ain’t broken. You still have that 166MHz P1 and you take pride in running it for all your millionaire duties (let’s say you made your money selling cows and not anything technical related).

10) Dennis Hopper called and told you that if your download speeds go over 10kB/s, your computer will blow up. (Okay, we are really stretching things here, but Speed remains one of my favorite movies).

In all seriousness, when IE4 came out; it was a solid web browser, although it still lagged behind Netscape. I remember trying to make web sites pretty with CSS hover-over texts and IE4 just wouldn’t support it like Netscape! What’s up with that, IE? Your download installer was pretty revolutionary as you tried to “download” the web browser from the installer, while common these days — it was completely obscure back in the day. Pioneering the way to auto-updates, Microsoft. Shame.

Do you still use old versions of Internet Explorer? If so, leave a comment and tell us why. For the love of God — answer the questions so many tech blogs are asking. Why?!

Alexander Levine is the founder of OldVersion.com. He started the site in 2001 after noticing that the new version of Napster used up all his system resources. You can follow his personal Twitter at @avlevine

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  1. Alex says:

    Why use IE4: because no one else is and you’re a unique snowflake.

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