Oh my…What has Opera done?

I have been using Opera 11.64 for quite some time now and for the last week or so Opera has been nagging me to update to version 12. Well yesterday i finally gave in and said ‘why not?’. Today folks, I’m full with regret..and it seems from browsing the opera forums, I’m not the only one who fell into the trap of upgrading.

Opera seems to have headed in the same direction as Firefox, by making plug-ins as a separate process, so when one crashes or miss-behaves it doesn’t crash the whole browser. OK.. fair enough, sounds cool, but why oh why! does it consume so much more resources? Is this a trade off, stay secure but stay crippled? I tried watching youtube videos or playing online flash games (i love to play pool and letterblox on omgpop) and everything lagged to hell, to my horror i checked the task manager processes, and found the opera plugin container using 99% CPU, and over 200mb of memory!!
Here are some quotes from others who are experiencing the same problems with the latest version of Opera.

“Since the new Opera Version 12.0, whenever I open a youtube video this “Opera Plugin Wrapper” would appear in task manager and cause a high CPU usage…”

Regarding the plug-n container..

“As helpful as it seems, I don’t think the trade off is worth it. My CPU usage from the wrapper jumps to 70-80%…”

So what gives? you cant disable it, its here to stay..the only solution..is to downgrade! Some were also having problems with version 11 builds, such as having a lot of tabs open (over 50+) and they found Opera 10 to be less of a resource hog. But i for one will be going back to Opera 11.64, it gave me no problems whatsoever.

So until Opera decide to fix this problem, I’m not budging from using the older versions of Opera, what i don’t understand is, when something is working perfectly why break it?

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  1. David Gould says:

    Agree, it was a mistake for Opera Software to release a final version with a buggy implementation of such an important feature.

    They were warned repeatedly and they’ve done it before.

    I believe that 12.01 final fixed it. The current 12.50 beta seems OK too.

  2. Travis Dane says:

    Well David i may try the beta version out, that’s if i can be bothered to upgrade, since version 11.64 is doing such a nice job already :) I’ll post my findings here if that’s the case.

  3. I’m still sticking with 11.62 at the moment.

    12.01 is out but I’ve not spent enough time with it to draw any conclusions. 12.0 presented too many changes to migrate my settings successfully.

    At least it’s possible to run them in portable ‘usb’ mode, so we can test them alongside our ‘safe’ version.

  4. Majid says:

    I have encountered the same problem with my new opera. Oldversion is where I come for solutions . I really love old softwares.

  5. Tac says:

    I feel the same way about firefox 3.6…. 4.0 and onward feels slow…. on 7 year old computer…

    and plus… I just enjoy using older firefox! it works so well, not too many resources being used. if it crashes so what- slow it down and start over.

    • Travis Dane says:

      Exactly Tac, if the browser crashes, (which it rarely does) then just close it down and start it again, no big deal. I decided to test Opera 12.01 and it still consumes why too much CPU when playing flash games or watching flash videos. Opera was renowned for being a light weight browser, but unfortunately it seems it’s heading in the wrong direction. It’s all good tho, at least we still got the older versions :)

  6. Patrik says:

    lol.. complaining about 200MB RAM usage from the plugin container..
    Have you ever used Firefox recently? According to my taskmanager, the firefox.exe process is currently using 2930MB RAM as I type this.
    Wanna go to Youtube? Have fun.. and don’t complain about firefox’s plugin-container.exe (housing flash and other plugins) using 500-800MB RAM (and 30-50% CPU on a quadcore!) to play a god damn 720p video, and STILL not being able to play it without getting choppy every now and then.
    And I’m not on an ancient computer really. By enthusiast standards it’s ancient, yeah. But it still should be way more than enough to fuckin browse the web for crying out loud..

    Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 @ 3GHz, 8GB DDR3-1333 and a Radeon HD6870 with constantly crashing drivers as soon as I enable hardware acceleration in Flash.. *facepalm*

  7. Dave says:

    In the current release version, 12.02, they rolled back the out-of-process plug-ins feature. They’re probably going to try to switch back to it when they can iron out some issues they were having with it, but it’s off for now.

  8. arvin says:

    that is not the only problem opera 12.02 does not have opera unite :(

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