Old versions make us a little more equal

I was sifting through our Facebook page saw something that made me smile:

“I am using your oldversion.com resource to restore some really low resource computers to give to people who have no money to buy a computer for themselves or their children.”

Michael further went on to comment:

The computers I am working on are Intel mmx 200 and amd 233 processor based. The business school my oldest son works at refitted all their classrooms with new units when alex an investor bought the school and these units had to be gotten rid of. I had room in my garage and the hauled them over here and I have been working on them on and off for the past two years. They all had win 98 installed so I had to find old software to work with win 98 and have came up with quite a lot. Firefox 3.6.25 works pretty good and is still supported by Mozilla.

Aside from the anthropological value of old software, there is also the practical benefit of having old machines work. Try installing the latest version of Acrobat Reader on a Windows 98 machine and see what happens.
Blue screen of death
Unfortunately, software makers don’t often take into account that there are still developing parts of the world that cannot afford the latest and greatest gadgets, but yet still need to have their PDF file render properly or be able to word process.

Old user frustrated with newer versions

People like Michael use oldversion.com to help lessen this discrepancy. They make the world a little more equal through old versions of software. OldVersion.com salutes them. Michael, pleaseemail meand I’ll send you a T-Shirt and any resources you need to make your job a little bit easier.

For discussion to ponder: what old versions do you use to get your old machines up and running?

Alexander Levine is the founder of OldVersion.com. He started the site in 2001 after noticing that the new version of Napster used up all his system resources. You can follow his personal Twitter at @avlevine

4 Comments on "Old versions make us a little more equal"

  1. Zeph says:

    This seem like the perfect place to ask..Can you suggest the best version of Avira free that will work well with XP service pack 2??

  2. Charles G says:

    Adobe and acrobat reader is bloated joke of a program. I happily got rid of it in favor of the much less bloated but equally efficient ‘Foxit Reader’.
    It wasn’t because I didn’t have the Ram or room to handle Acrobat either. My PC is a very fast 3.4 ghz and I have plenty of RAM to spare. I just have a strong disdain for unnecessarily bloated, memory-devouring programs, which love to constantly update themselves (again, unnecessarily).
    From the time I switched to Foxit reader, I have had no issues and it does eveything I need. I also won’t allow Foxit to update itself automatically either. Don’t get me wrong, Foxit wants to update itself often too. I won’t allow ANY program to update itself automatically. There is a time and place for that, and it isn’t while I’m in the middle of using my computer for something else.
    Any program that doesn’t have an option available to keep it from updating on it’s own, I just don’t allow it any rights to connect to the internet with my excellent un-bloated freeware basic ZoneAlarm firewall.
    One must be in control of their computer…You cannot let it control you. And there are easy ways to take control, so don’t let anyone tell you different.

  3. Charles G says:

    Also, I have had used my same PC daily for 8 years WITHOUT anti-virus installed.
    I only use the ZoneAlarm Firewall. I am wise not to let programs like windows media player connect to the internet unless its absolutely necessary. Every program must ask my permission first. Nothing comes in or out without my permission. I also constantly clean the crap out of all my temp files and caches, and know my registry very well so that I can recognize something that doesn’t belong there immediately.

    If I want Anti-virus, I can use AVG free which works just as well as any other anti-Virus.

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