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Why old software versions matter

In a recent post on the blog attention was drawn to a comment left on the site’s Facebook page by a user who said, “I am using your resource to restore some really low resource computers to give to people who have no money to buy a computer for themselves or their children.”

What a fantastic use of the service!

If ever there was an argument for maintaining freely available archives of old versions of software, then this has to be one of the better ones. Why should access to computers and the Internet be the sole preserve of those privileged enough to afford it?

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Old versions are cultural artifacts


If you’ve been browsing around the site for a while, you’ll note that some old versions simply don’t function anymore. So why do we have them?

At, we believe that software is a cultural artifact. Therefore, we made a decision to archive all software regardless if it’s working or not.
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Why I’m willing to go to jail for running


Archiving older versions is an honor. I like to think of myself as the curator of a new kind of museum, carefully picking and choosing which software to put on display. There are some true gems of true gems of software history here and also some not-working software that have turned entire industries upside down.

Not everyone seems to understand the purpose of this museum.
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Windows SYSInternals Process Explorer 15.04

If you’ve ever had a problem with your computer, perhaps it’s running slowly or a strange, new program has appeared which you don’t recall installing etc, and a search of computer help forums suggests you open Task Manager to see what programs, or processes in particular, are running, you might well be bemused at exactly what you are looking at. Continue reading →

FL Studio 10 (Demo Version) Reviewed

I suppose it strikes most people, at one time or another, that, in the course of listening to music, they think they could do as well or even better, or would like to try at least, if only they could play all those instruments. So, how can you put your creative mind to composing music without having to learn how to play (and get your hands on) all the instruments first? By using a Music Sequencer. Continue reading →