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Going back in time: Microsoft Windows Adverts

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to that window with 4 colors, ya see no matter how many blue screens i have encountered, my allegiance stayed with Bill Gates, and not the penguin or the apple. Why? i hear you ask, well most of the things i love have come from childhood, and stuck with me until now. We will have to go back in time and explore those glorious adverts Microsoft unleashed to the world:

First up is the windows 95 color logo ad, when i was a kid, this literally blew me away…

Next up is a windows 98 commercial with music that rocked! why didn’t they make an official microsoft album?

So there you have it, a true love for the Microsoft golden oldies, now all we need is for Microsoft to release its fast food chain or maybe team up with Mcdonalds?…. a Mcsoft cheesburger please :)

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